Visualize to Realize

"Learning from a good teacher explains. Learning from a great teacher inspires"

How can I help?

If you have ever listened to voices that lead you to doubt your creative skills, you are listening to a deceptive voice. My program will eliminate the doubt you are experiencing and will replace it with a voice of creative inspiration.

Learning to sketch boldly requires bold decisions, decisions that will alter how you see, how you think and above all else how you will achieve your goals within the discipline of your choice.

I can take you through the process to help you eliminate your doubt and elevate your confidence, DARE TO BE GREAT!

Sketch with Speed

I will show you how it will inspire you to see quickly, see clearly and see confidently

Maintain Accuracy

If you keep the principles, the principles will keep you. I will demonstrate how to sketch with accuracy and without fear

Build Confidence

Sketching successfully builds confidence. My goal is to inspire you with preparation, practice and productivity in your work, consider it done

What Students Are Saying...

Dr. Contrast's instruction was instrumental in my accepting a design position with a prominent Interior Design Firm in Washington , DC. His passion for instructing the next generation of leaders and creatives is unmatched.

Hannah Noyes
Sarasota, FL

JD’s teaching and drawing techniques led me to the discovery of my design solutions and inspired my confidence to get me where I am today. When I sit down to start a new project, I hear his voice in my mind reminding me that it “all begins with a sketch”!

Anna Herman
Design Manager

“Dare to be Great” … the skills and drawing techniques taught by JD are without debate … the best and most exciting in the country! His seemingly limitless energy and passion for design and instruction are stimulating, inspiring and most definitely results-oriented.

Grant Breuker
Sales Engineer, I.P.M.
Meet Dr. Contrast

Jim Orr (Aka: Dr. Contrast) was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He received his B.A. in Industrial Design from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. He worked as a staff designer for General Motors Corporation at Design Staff in Warren, Michigan, for twelve years.

He moved on to establish his consulting firm, Advanced Formations in Columbus, Ohio. He created a diverse range of design services for a variety of clients and included a design workshop/seminar component.

Jim also was appointed to the Columbus College of Art and Design as a professor in the design program. He also was the chairman of the design department at the Cleveland Institute of Art for eight years. As a co-founder, Jim became an instrumental force in establishing the International Center for Creativity in Powell, Ohio. Now his devotion is focused on developing a web-based training program called Dr. Contrast and the Dream Labs.

Its goals are to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve speed, accuracy, and confidence in improving their drawing and sketching skills. The program's primary focus is on introducing talent to pursue careers in, not just Industrial Design, but in all phases of the creative arts regardless of scale or scope.